From taxi driver to Minister of SMEs: 10 things to know about Alain Griset

The metallurgist's son grew up in the North, in Faches-Thumesnil, in his grandmother's house, without a toilet.“We had to go out to fetch water."Small, he thought he could never buy a car or a house." We weren't going on vacation, the only hobby was going to potatoes.Twenty cents per full bag.Today, the minister could take a vacation, but he does not have time.The car is driven by the driver.His house is still in the North, but it is in Bercy that he sleeps at night.

Self-made, 67 years old, he often repeats that he "brilliantly failed" his F1 baccalaureate in mechanical manufacturing.And that he does not regret it.He has kept this conviction that he likes to share with desperate young people.of their future: “If work is seen as an element of personal development, a path is always possible."at

At 12 years old, little Alain organized pétanque competitions in the public garden.At 19, he trained at bowls for six hours every afternoon, after his morning job.Result: "I have made the championship three times.France."


He drove a taxi from 1975 to 2000, especially at night."Contrary to what is said, it is an extraordinary environment.The car is an enclosed place.If you are open, it is a confessional."Alain saw it all go by," the rich and the poor, the judge and the thief, the prostitute and her pimp… I learned a lot from life there."

How do you go from taxi driver to minister? “The chance of special and exceptional circumstances, I was very lucky.A petanque friend hired him one day as a switchboard operator in his taxi company, when he was thinking of enlisting in the army; a generous aunt mortgaged her house to enable her to buy her taxi license (20,000 francs in 1975); encounters and “improbable opportunities” have pushed him to take responsibility within unions, without, to believe him, asking for anything.A fate.

Posted Date: 2020-11-19

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