Diesel Cars – Important

Is your Car a Diesel?

In the past your car would have just been tested to ensure it meets minimum standards for emissions. However, it now includes a check (from February 2014) on whether there is a diesel particulate filter in place. These were fitted on all diesel cars manufactured in the past five years – and reduce emissions by about 80%.

If your car should have one of these fitted and there isn’t one present, the vehicle will automatically fail. The reason why they are missing on some cars is that over time these filters become blocked. This is particularly the case when the cars are used for short journeys – because the filter doesn’t get hot enough to burn off the particulates that build up over time. Instead of cleaning the filter (approx £30) some car owners had them illegally removed. VOSA got wise and changed the MOT law in February 2014.

Your car will fail the MOT if there is no filter present and there should have been. Note – it’s very costly to fit a new filter!

Make sure you get the filter cleaned and NOT removed! It’s illegal to remove it?

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