Diesel or Petrol ?

Today is the launch of the 65 plate registrations. One of the biggest questions when buying a new car is whether to go for petrol or diesel. As a general rule, diesels are more expensive to buy, and historically you’ll pay more per litre at the pumps too, although this has changed over recent months, especially at supermarket forecourts.

Diesels use less fuel too and are usually cheaper to tax due to lower CO2 emissions, and often hold their value better when the time comes to sell.

It all comes down to miles – if you do a lot of long journeys, such as a long commute, then diesel is probably the better bet – anything over 10,000 miles a year is the usual threshold to be able to make up for the price premium. For shorter journeys and city driving a petrol engine is probably the right choice.

Hope this helps…

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