MOT Tips

MOT Tips Road Safety Swansea MOTDoes your vehicle need a MOT in Swansea? Here is our guide which explains the MOT in more detail and will drastically improve your vehicle’s chances of a first time pass. By reading our MOT tips, you can improve your chances of a first time pass by at least 50%

  • It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle’s MOT certificate is valid. The MOT test information is held on a central database which the Police and Ministry access. Remember, the MOT is for your own safety and the safety of other drivers.
  • Any vehicle older than 3 years old requires a MOT test certificate, then annually after that. But, you can get a test done one month in advance before your current certificate expires. Do not leave it to the last minute!
  • If your MOT certificate has expired, then it’s legal to drive it to a test station provided the test’s been booked in advance. However, your vehicle must still meet a minimum road standard or you maybe fined.
  • Presently, the maximum cost (set by VOSA) for a car MOT in Swansea is £54.85. Do not pay anymore than this. It is illegal for any garage in Swansea to charge you more. For a full list of fees, please see the Government website here 

National statistics show that only 60% of all vehicles pass first time. This means that 4 out of every 10 vehicles tested in the UK fail. However, many of these are due to simple problems which you can sort out yourself. Fixing these common problems pre-test is usually cheaper.

Check all lights, renewing any failed bulbs. 2 in 10 vehicles fail due to broken light bulbs. Do not forget your indicators and brake lights!

Check tyres for damage and to ensure that they meet the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. 1 in 10 vehicles fail due to illegal tyres. Make sure that all tyre pressures are correct! Make sure to check the inside and outside tread of the front tyres. Tracking problems can make tyre tread illegal very quickly.

Check suspension. 1 in 10 vehicles fail due to shock absorber failure. Push each corner of your vehicle and listen for any weird noises. Your vehicle should bounce up and down when you apply pressure.

Brakes 1 in 10 vehicles fail due to brake issues. Do they feel loose or unresponsive? Do they make a scraping noise when applied? Is there tension on the handbrake? Try parking your car on a steep hill to see if the handbrake holds!

Windscreen and Wipers. Almost 1 in 10 vehicles fail. Make sure that there are no cracks in the driver’s view windscreen greater than 10mm plus the wiper rubber is not damaged. If in doubt, fit new wiper blades. At the same time, top up your screen wash reservoir.

Exhaust. 1 in 20 vehicles fail due to rusty exhausts or excess smoke coming from the tail pipe.

Horn – check it works!

Body work – make sure that there are no sharp and jagged rust areas especially over your wheel arches.

Clean Car – make sure your car is clean inside and out. MOT test stations can refuse a test if it is too dirty!

Are all fluids topped up? Check the brake fluid, power steering, windscreen washer and oil level.

Number Plates – Are they clean and legible? Make sure they have not been modified or adjusted to make them appear private!

Petrol Cap – Make sure it’s fixed securely and there are no leaks.

Mirrors – Fixed securely and no broken glass.

Seatbelts – Fully functional without any tangles etc.

Advisory Notice – Pass or fail, you will be given an advisory notice. This will show areas on your vehicle that may need attention in the near future. Make sure you read these and take action when necessary.

At Savage Motors MOT Swansea, we strive to do our best to ensure your car passes its MOT first time by rectifying small failures such as defective lights, low fluid level top up, wipers and tyres etc saving you money plus the inconvenience of a re-test. 

To book your vehicle’s MOT with us please click here. No payment is required to make a booking. MOT’s are only £29.95

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